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First Stop: Stamford, CT

Townwaiter celebrates neighborhoods, and what better place to begin than our own backyard. Stamford, CT is the first neighborhood on our list. We have over 80 of your favorite local joints ready to rock'n roll. It makes us hungry to even think about it. Click here for a play-by-play...

Own Your Own Townwaiter Operation!

We know we've got a hit on our hands, so we're moving forward with full-force. Join Townwaiter as we take online food-ordering nationwide, one neighborhood at a time. Read more about our licensee opportunities...

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"Your food is ready in 4 simple steps!"

--Townwaiter on 'food-ordering simplified'

"We wanted to develop a service that met the real needs of restaurants, putting them first."

--Townwaiter on 'where it all began'

Complete the following so you can publish your menu and start taking orders!

*Publish at least 2 menu items
*Publish or Cancel 1-Click or Family Meals
*Enter your tax rate in the 'sales tax' tab.


*Enter all mandatory information by filling all required fields and save


*Fill all required fields
*Select order & reservation notification preferences
*Make sure you click the
"Save Settings" button at
least once to confirm settings